About The Ben Kinsella Trust

After Ben Kinsella was tragically murdered in June 2008, his family set up this Trust in his name. Ben was only sixteen when he was stabbed to death in an unnecessary act of horrific violence that shocked the nation. He had just finished school, was predicted and received top grades and was just about to begin a life full of promise. This was cut short by the devastating and growing problem that is knife crime.

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This is why were are here

“The Ben Kinsella Trust has done an incredible job in turning an appalling tragedy into an opportunity to make London safer. Through their dedication and hard work, Deborah and George have created a lasting legacy by educating young people about …Continue reading »

Islington Youth Clubs

Are you looking for activities and trips to do over the Easter Break? Come to The Ben Kinsella Exhibition – a free, interactive workshop for young people aged 10 upwards. The exhibition is all about making the right choices and …Continue reading »