Is your child involved in knife crime? The warning signs every parent should know

15 February 2018

Police in the West Midlands have issued a list of ten warning signs parents should be aware of.

1. Have they become withdrawn from the family and/or school?

2. Is their school or college reporting worrying changes in behaviour, academic achievement or attendance.

3. Have they lost interest in positive activities such as sports clubs?

4. Do they stay out unusually late without giving a reason and are vague about their whereabouts?

5. Have they stopped seeing old friends and started hanging out with a new group?

6. Are they secretive about the contents of their bag?

7. Are they defensive if you ask what is in their possession or if they are hiding anything?

8. Has their attitude changed about carrying knives/weapons? For example, justifying it by saying people carry them for self-defence.

9. Have any items gone missing from the kitchen, tool box or garage?

10. Have you found a weapon hidden amongst their possessions?