Knives disguised as toys being marketed to young women

6 February 2018

Our thanks to the Sunday Telegraph for highlighting this story about the about the online sales of knives made to like lipsticks and combs.It is clear from the colours, designs, and model names such as mermaid and fanciful rainbow, they are clearly aimed directly at young women. They look like toys. They are not toys. They are weapons that bring devastation to hundreds of families each year. The vendor, Alien Outfitters goes to great lengths in the small print to distance themselves from any liability, clearly indicating that they understand the dangers that these knives pose.

They knives are marketed through Instagram. "Instagram’s action in hosting this site is reprehensible,” said Patrick Green, the charity’s chief executive. “They are glamorising these knives as fashion accessories. This is a forum where young people openly encourage each other to break the law by buying flick knives and concealed knives which are illegal for any age group."

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