Riding London to #Stopknifecrime

10 May 2018
Ride London

Please support Adrian and Dan as they take part in this years RIDE London to raise money for the Ben Kinsella Trust to help #stopknifecrime.

It is 10 years since Ben Kinsella was murdered in an unporoved attacked in Islington. This year knife crime has risen to its highest level since Ben was murdered. We want to do all we can to prevent another family going through the devestation and pain that this hideous crime brings. That's why the Ben Kinsella Trust want to reach more young people and educate them away from carrying knives so they can make positive descions and stay safe. Please support Adrain, Dan and the Harrow cadets with their fundraising and help us #stopknifecrime.

Adrian and Dan are Police Officers and manage the Harrow Volunteer Polie Cadets. The police cadets are young people who give up their spare time to help others, develop and learn new skills and learn how to be a good citizens.