Sweeps of local park reveals hidden weapons

3 May 2017
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It's difficult to explain how shocking it is to find a 4" flick knife hidden in the undergrowth of a North London park, just yards away from dog walkers and children playing. This knife served no other purpose than to injure or kill someone. It's discovery and removal by the Police today has quite probably saved someones life.

Today, we joined the officers from MPS Canonbury to help them search parks and community spaces for hidden weapons. We were only minutes into the search in a local park when the flick knife was discovered. Shortly afterwards a large screw driver with a sharp edge was discovered near the park entrance.

This will be just one of a large haul of knives that the Metropolitan Police find in these targeted searches everyday. Knives are often stashed in public spaces to enable offenders to travel into areas without the fear of being arrested for carrying a knife. Weapons sweeps help to disrupt and stop these activities. This work often goes unheralded, but its importance cannot be understated, so thank you to all the officers involved in these searches.

We were delighted that Cllr Kat Fletcher, Islington's Mayor joined us. Throughout Kat's tenure as Mayor she has worked tirelessly to help tackle knife crime in the borough. Today she led by example, ditching her mayoral robes for a few hours to help us trample through the weeds and retrieve hidden knives.